From @triumphant_teagan: “Your day just got exponentially cuter… you’re welcom…

From @triumphant_teagan: “Your day just got exponentially cuter… you’re welcome! ❤️⁣
Baby kittens in homemade sock onesies are beyond cute, but please remember these tiny kittens are wearing sock onesies to help prevent serious suckling injuries. Kittens are born with a natural desire to suckle ( it’s how they survive) but orphaned kittens have no mother to suckle on. This means they will root around and aim for anything that protrudes. Sadly, that often means their litter mate’s genitalia. Inappropriate suckling for kittens this small can lead to infections and even severe injuries. They’ve already lost their mother, so sock onesies help to keep the kittens protected and together with their litter mates for as long as possible. Sock onesies primarily work best on kittens 0-3 1/2 weeks old. Once they begin using a litter box on their own, hopefully the suckling behavior has been curbed or even stopped completely.” #twitterweek #catsofinstagram