From @foster_furbabies: “IMPORTANT: Volume Up –
to hear how absolutely in love…

From @foster_furbabies: “IMPORTANT: 🎧 Volume Up –
to hear how absolutely in love I am with baby Ashby. 100% natural, tender laughter and total adoration for sweet little AshBat. . .
The drooling/foam-face is from a medication she needed and it often causes excess saliva in kitties, for a few seconds. When this was originally posted, there were many who didn’t know why someone would film a kitten foaming at the mouth, rather than get her immediate help….
She wasn’t in danger, she was salivating. And with her having been through so much in just the few weeks she’d been alive, plus being somewhat of a little bat-cat, it was humorous that she’d have “fangs”” #catsofinstagram